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Meet the Undateables: Dan and Kelsey

Written by
Dana Varinsky

The date: Drinks and appetizers at VBar (132 First Ave, 212-473-7200)

First impression
Dan: “She had a very calming way about her. She’s from the Midwest, so she was a little slower than I’m used to, in a positive way. She was really sweet and very cute.”
Kelsey: “He’s tall, he’s cute, he played lacrosse in college. I love athletic men who play sports. He’s exactly what I ordered. There was definitely an initial attraction.”

Dan: “She told me where she works, and it turns out we have a mutual friend at her office. It was one of the better blind dates I’ve had. I was never planning my exit.”
Kelsey:  “I don’t think there was a moment of silence. We were a little bit touchy-feely. He had his hand on my leg at one point, and I would touch his arm when we were laughing.”

Dan: “We went to another bar and had a beer. We kissed goodbye. I thought it was going there, and was hoping it would, but you never know. It was just a peck.”
Kelsey: “I was going to a friend’s house but texted her that I’d be a little late. We were just having so much fun. At the end of the night, he kissed me and we made out.”

Awkward Moment
Dan: “I was a little late, so I jogged from the subway. She was so cool about it, but it took a while for me to stop sweating onto the table. I hope she didn’t see it.”
Kelsey: “I’d been joking earlier that I’d either be stood up or meet my husband. When he wasn’t there, I was like, Oh, no! He got there late and was super apologetic.”

In three words
Dan: Kelsey is "cute, fun and even-keeled."
Kelsey: Dan is "handsome, genuine and funny.”

Dan: “In a long line of awful dates, it was a very successful, fun date. She couldn’t have made things easier. I’m excited to see if we’ll hang out again.”
Kelsey: “When I got to my friend’s house, he texted me. I’m definitely into him. He’s attractive, he’s funny, he’s a gentleman. I had a really great date.”

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