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Meet the Undateables: Darius and Sylvy


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The date: Drinks and small plates at Bar Chuko (565 Vanderbilt Ave., Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

First impression
Darius: “She was already there when I got to the restaurant. She wasn’t exactly my type, but the more we started talking, she seemed pretty cool.”
Sylvy: “I didn’t know what to expect, but I was at ease as soon as I met him. He was really friendly. He’s tall, and I’m into that, so I was pleased.”

Darius: “I’d say the chemistry was okay. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. We spent the majority of the time talking about movies, TV shows and fun celebrity run-ins we’ve had.”
Sylvy: “We got along well. There weren’t immediate sparks, but the conversation was easy. We talked about where our families are from and where we’ve lived—and outdoor movies, too.”

Darius: “She has a lot of really cool stuff going on with her career, so her job was far more interesting to talk about than mine.”
Sylvy: “We've both been in New York for about a year, so we talked a lot about what it's been like. And our roommates; average stuff.”

Darius: “We grabbed ice cream at Ample Hills—we’d talked about it over dinner, and then the hostess suggested it, so we were like, ‘It’s a sign.’”
Sylvy: “He walked me to my train, and we exchanged phone numbers and followed each other on Instagram. He’s already been in touch, which is kind of cool.”

In three words
Darius: Sylviy is "ginger. Overuses emojis."
Sylvy: Darius is "friendly, funny and polite.”

Darius: “[When] I walked her back to the subway, we hugged goodbye and made plans to maybe go see an outdoor movie later. But I’m on the fence.”
Sylvy: “I think we’d hang out again. I don’ t know in what capacity, but we talked about outdoor movie screenings, so we may do that.”


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Mary F
Mary F

Agreed, Theresa. Darius looks like Mark Ruffalo's mentally challenged cousin. Rot in hell, you self-righteous jerk. You're no gift to women, and to have such an inflated sense of ego makes me wish ill on the rest of your existence. You're not special. The sooner you learn that, the better off the world will be, as we won't be subject to your delusions.

Theresa W
Theresa W

How can an average looking guy get up on his high horse about a pretty woman not being exactly his type?

What type exactly isn't she?...a chic, petite, Barbie doll, model like shell of a woman?

I'm a straight woman and Sylvy looks beautiful to me! So what did he see, or more importantly, what did he fail to see in Sylvy?

If he was smart he'd get off the fence. And if judging by looks alone, he should've realized when he 1st saw Sylvy, she's out of his league, and he was lucky to be with such an independent, natural beauty.