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Meet the Undateables: Edward and Jessica

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner and drinks at BV's Grill (919 Third Ave, 212-935-6800)

First impression
Edward: “She seemed very animated—an enthusiastic personality. She’s a very nice person but not really my type; I think she didn’t fit the archetypal aesthetic in my head.” 
Jessica: “He looked older than me, which was a good thing, because I typically prefer older guys. He seemed sweet and nice off the bat. He was cuter than I was expecting.” 

Edward: “I liked how intelligent she was. There wasn’t any awkwardness. It was really easy to talk to her. I go on a lot of dates where, conversationally, you just want to get up and leave, and I didn’t feel like that.”
Jessica: “There wasn’t much flirtation, joking or back-and-forth banter, but we both did a good job of keeping the conversation going. It didn’t really feel like a date to me; it just felt like we were talking and hanging out.”

Edward: “One of the disconnects [between us] was that she works in television and is very much a fan of the media. I very much don’t care for TV, so that was probably where we didn’t align. But we enjoyed the food.”
Jessica: “We both like to eat and go out to different restaurants, and we’re both football fans so we talked about sports. We talked about our families—He seemed pretty family oriented, as am I.”

Edward: “We hugged goodbye, and I got on my train. I might hit her up, but I couldn’t see being anything other than friends.” 
Jessica: “I was going downtown, and he was going to Queens, so we waited on the platform together. He was like, ‘Should we exchange numbers?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, why not?’” 

In three words
Edward: Jessica is "bright, animated and intelligent."
Jessica: Edward is "intelligent, honest and sincere.”

Edward: “It wasn’t a waste of anyone’s time, but there was a mutual recognition that we were not an instinctual fit. It was fun but nothing mind-blowing.”
Jessica: “It didn’t feel romantic; it felt like I was getting to know a new friend potentially. It wasn’t a love connection, but it was still an enjoyable evening.”

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