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Meet the Undateables: Jason and John

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner at Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton St. between Houston and Stanton)

First impression
Jason: “He was upbeat and smart—the kind of person you could call and talk about important stuff with. He was really positive, and I admired that.”
John: “I went in with no expectations. I got the friend vibe right off the bat, and I think he did, too. I don’t necessarily want to fall in love with someone on the first date.” 

Jason: “He told me about his job, and we reminisced about the gay community. I don’t think [romance] was there, but it was great to have the social interaction with him. He seemed like a great guy.”
John: “We talked about things you’re not supposed to talk about on dates—everything from gay marriage to the Gaza Strip. There were no lulls in the conversation, which doesn’t happen a lot. It seemed very natural.”

Jason: “We walked to an ice cream place around the corner and stayed there for an hour and a half talking. We both live in Queens, so we took the train home together. All trains were running local so we were on the train and swapping “horror” stories about being stuck on the train.”
John: “The date could have ended after dinner but we pushed it another two hours. Right before his stop, he said, ‘Hey, listen, if you want to trade numbers and stay friends, I’m cool with that.’ I gave him 
my number, and he texted when he got upstairs. He didn’t seem like he was forcing anything, and I didn’t either.” 

In three words
Jason: John is "smart, upbeat and nice."
John: Jason is "smart, casual and open. ”

Jason:  “I walked away thinking I would probably have someone to hang out with every now and then, and that could possibly develop into a real friendship.” 
John:  “Do I see a potential relationship? Probably not—but my guess is he probably feels the same way. Getting myself out there and meeting a new friend was cool. I’ve been in New York City a long time and I don’t have a good crew of gay friends. If he texted me to go to a bar, I’d be like, ‘Sure!’” 

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