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Meet the Undateables: Joe and Robyn

Meet the Undateables: Joe and Robyn

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The date: Dinner and drinks at Sunswick (3502 35th St, Astoria, Queens)

First impression
Joe: “She was there first. She has really blue eyes, and she’s a redhead, so that was the first physical thing I noticed. She’s also very bubbly and giggly.”
Robyn: “There was a chunky guy at the bar with curly red hair, and I was so thankful that wasn’t him. He was so much cuter than what I thought I was going to be set up with.”

Joe: “She was really easy to talk to. She must have prepared some material, because she had all these questions immediately. She was way more prepared than I was.”
Robyn: “We clicked right away. We asked each other questions back and forth, and we just vibed. He was really good about being flirty, being complimentary, showing interest—that kind of thing.”

On alcohol
Joe: “I don’t drink, so there are always three questions and I just get them out of the way immediately. I’m not a Mormon, I’m not a recovering alcoholic, and I don’t have any history of alcoholism in my family. It’s just something I never did, don’t really get it. Never saw the point in it. I’m always up front about it, because it does make some people uncomfortable or self-conscious, but Robyn didn’t seem to mind.”
Robyn: “I couldn’t understand why he was a bartender that didn’t drink. The irony- I couldn’t get over it. I joked that I’d have his two drinks as well. I almost feel bad because I feel like I’d peer pressure him to drink. Apparently he’s an amazing bar tender. I guess if you’re sober you’re good!”

Joe: “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell! Do I have to? I went in for the kiss, okay? It seemed weird at first—we weren’t on the same page. I remember there being a weird neck thing going on. And then it was just like, Wait, are we doing this? Let’s just do this.”
Robyn: “He locked eyes and was ready for the kiss, but I messed it up royally. I was like, is he going in for the kiss? I don’t know. It was a moment of panic. So we did the awkward half hug thing, and I was like, Wait, let’s try again, and then we actually kissed. He let me call a redo to get it right.” 

In three words
Joe: Robyn is "bubbly, talkative and a firecracker."
Robyn: Joe is "Open, endearing and tall.”

Joe: “She was a really cool girl and easy to hang out with. It was fun. We’re Facebook friends now. I’d love to hang out with her again.”
Robyn: “He texted me that night, and I did a healthy amount of Facebook stalking when I got home. I’ll definitely see him again. I want to.”

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Amierah I
Amierah I

So, not undateable. Dear under 25s, whoever tells you that you are "undateable" is a moron. You can only come to that realization after you have dated well into your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc...

Just because you move to New York doesn't mean you have to adopt the stereotypical, cynical attitude that you are undateable, right away! Sheesh, wait until you are in your 30s!