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Meet the Undateables: Liz and Adam

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Drinks and appetizers at The Chester (18 Ninth Ave between 12th and 13th Sts, 

First impression
Liz: “I thought he was from the South, but he’s actually Midwestern. He was chatty and had a bubbly personality. 
I knew he wasn’t from around here, which was endearing.”
Adam: “She’s a cute girl. She has nice teeth and looked put together and classy, the kind of girl that I usually go for. 
I just said hi and sat down and started talking.”

Liz: “Adam’s well traveled and has interesting work experience. He didn’t ask anything inappropriate and wasn’t pushy—he’s got really good energy. He was very easy to speak to, but I can’t say there was romantic chemistry.”
Adam: “She was very much the girl next door. We had a good conversation, though she came off a little shy, so it was hard to get a lot out of her. I didn’t think there was much there in terms of a connection beyond just chatting.”

Liz: “We talked about where we’ve traveled and lived. He he lived in China for a few years and has done a triathlon, which is very cool. We didn’t discuss anything too heavy or serious. He was very nice to the waiter."
Adam: “We talked a lot about world traveling—We’ve both been fortunate to have traveled a bunch of different places. And we talked about awkward first dates. I feel like there was more to her than what she was willing to say."

Liz: “The date ended with a hug and a ‘talk to you later.’ I teach yoga, and he talked about wanting to try hot yoga, so maybe we’ll do that in the future.”
Adam: “I asked if she wanted me to walk her back home, and she said I didn’t need to. I got her number out of courtesy. I don’t think we’re romantically compatible.”

In three words
Liz: Adam is "talkative, inquisitive and ambitious."
Adam: Liz is "educated, polite and classy."

Liz: “He was very well mannered, and we have a lot in common, but I don’t see a future. I’m not interested in pursuing him, but it was a nice night out.”
Adam: “In terms of the standard check boxes you look for, she hit a lot of them. I’m just looking for a more vibrant personality.”

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