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Meet the Undateables: Lucy and Pedro

Will Gleason

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The date: Dinner at Maharlika (111 1st Ave, 646-392-7880)

First impression
Lucy: “I liked that he treated it like a date—he pulled out the chair for me. He was a nice dresser and is traditionally handsome, but I usually go for more rugged, unkempt men.”
Pedro: “We sat at the bar to make it less like an interview. She was very sweet, talkative, cute and agreeable. She was wearing a really nice blue dress. I complimented her on it.”

Lucy: “We laughed a lot. I liked that he wasn’t intimidated or trepidatious about being physically expressive. He wasn’t afraid to lock eyes with me or put a hand on my arm.”
Pedro: “She was very attentive—you could see she was there with me. And she wasn’t afraid to make a joke or make fun of me. I got her phone number during dinner.”

Lucy: “We kissed on a street corner. During dinner, he’d asked how I would rate myself as a kisser on a scale from one to 10, and I said 12. I like to think I proved my point.”
Pedro: “We made out right after we left the restaurant. She’s going on vacation, so I texted her to say have a good time. We haven’t made plans to see each other yet.” 

Awkward moment
Lucy: “He suggested we play a questions game, which seemed a bit contrived. I could have done without it because the conversation was going naturally, but I played along.”
Pedro: “We started talking about a thumb injury I had, and I asked her to guess how I got it. She said boxing, but it was actually from peeling an orange.”

In three words:
Lucy: Pedro is "genuine, eager and bold." 
Pedro: Lucy is "creative, spontaneous and direct."

Lucy: “He wasn’t necessarily my type, but he was genuine and warm. If he pursues in a strong way, then I would definitely be open to it.”
Pedro: “She’s a very good listener and also a good conversationalist. She was fun to hang out with. I would definitely like to see her again.”



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