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Meet the Undateables: Matt and Kelly

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: S’mores and wine at DTUT (1744 2nd Ave at 91st St, 212-410-6449)

First impression
Matt: “I got there first, but before we could even say hello, the waitress wanted us to pick a wine. Kelly picked a white, so we were off to a good start. Turns out we both hate red.”
Kelly: “He clearly tried to make a good impression—it was so hot out, but he was wearing a jacket. So I was like, ‘Please take your jacket off. I feel hot just looking at you!’ He did.”

Matt: “Conversation flowed freely—not really any awkward moments. We had a lot in common. We’re probably the only ones in the Venn diagram of people who like both Dr. Who and theater. There was a lot of nerdy talk.”
Kelly: “We got along really well. Eating s’mores was an immediate icebreaker. I had my little check marks of things that were all in his favor. There weren’t any awkward moments. I don’t think either of us irritated or upset the other one.”

Matt: “S’mores are an awkard thing for a date. We discussed that. They were messy. All our chocolate melted—It was too close to the fire. So all we did was have marshmallows for the last 20 minutes, but it was good.”
Kelly: “We laughed at the fact that we were eating s’mores on our first date and had marshmallows dripping down our faces the whole time. I was like, 'please don’t look at me while I wipe chocolate off of my face.'”

Matt: “We found out later that we both got there really early and both went to Barnes and Noble down the street. I found it really funny and kind of perfect that we were both in there for 20 minutes. We didn’t pass each other or anything, but I wouldn’t have known it was her anyway." 
Kelly: “I brought up that I like Harry Potter and he said he’d never read it. He was like, 'is that a negative point in your book?'. And I said, 'if you said you hated them, that would have been negative. However, depending on your age, it’s appropriate that you didn’t grow up with them'. He’s almost 30, so that makes sense." 

Matt: “We walked to the subway—she was going downtown, I was going uptown—and hugged. I’m not usually a hugger, especially with people taller than me.’”
Kelly: “We were out of food and out of wine, and we both had work the next day, so we walked to the subway together and exchanged numbers. There was a hug!"

In three words
Matt: Kelly is "cute, funny and interesting."
Kelly: Matt is "nerdy—and I mean that as the highest compliment—fun and casual.”

Matt: “I’d absolutely be up for seeing her again. We’re friends on Facebook now, and I’m probably going to text her. She’s very cool, and we had a great time.”
Kelly: “It was one of the best first dates I’ve been on. I’m cautiously optimistic about seeing him again. We didn’t make any solid plans, but I gave him my real number.”

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