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Meet the Undateables: Nicole and Michael

By Dana Varinsky

Each week, we take two New Yorkers who swear they're totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test. Afterward, we find out what went well on their date, and what went horribly, horribly wrong.

The date: Drinks and appetizers at Whitehall (19 Greenwich Ave)

First impression
Nicole: “He’s not the kind of person I would go talk to—I go for a bigger, bearded hockey-player guy; he was clean-cut and youthful-looking. But he had nice teeth and eyes.” 
Michael: “She was really sweet but just wasn’t my type. I like somebody who’s in good shape, well-manicured, clean-cut. But my goal was to make sure she had a great time anyway.” 

Nicole: “We had a lot in common—I like the Meatball Shop, and he used to work there; I do boxing, and his dad owns a boxing gym. But I’d need more time to get to know him.”
Michael: “We talked about music, since I like some bands on her label. She’s a likable person, so we got along. I didn’t feel romantic chemistry but maybe friendly chemistry.”

Nicole: “I had to wake up for the gym, and he had to go to bed. He decided that, if it was okay, we’d wrap up and get brunch next week. He was like, ‘Can I put my number in your phone?’ ”
Michael: “She wanted another drink, but I had to wake up early. I got her number, but I don’t think I’ll see her again. I didn’t want to be like, ‘Hey, you’re not my type.’ ” 

Awkward Moment
Nicole: “We had French onion soup, and I was like, Hmm, this is the best food for a first date. Everything we ate was really stinky, and I was self-conscious that I’d have stinky breath.”
Michael: “The bartender brought me a drink before she got there, which felt awkward. That’s something I don’t do—drink alone, let alone drink before a date gets there.” 

In three words
Nicole: Michael is "driven, engaging and well-rounded."
Michael: Nicole is "nice, outgoing and driven.”

Nicole: ♥♥♥♥ “My impression of him is still being formed, but so far I like what he’s about. He was really funny. I think it was pretty successful.”
Michael: ♥♥♥ “It was fun, but I think we didn’t click. She lives way too far for me. If I was in love with someone, I would travel the world, but it would have to be worth it.”

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