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Meet the Undateables: Peter and Caskey

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner and Cocktails at root & bone (200 E 3rd St at Ave B, 646-682-7076)

First impression
Peter: "I was just relieved he looked normal, was friendly and had table manners. I thought it would be awkward since I had no idea what to expect on a blind date, but he was really affable." 
Caskey: "The hostess kept us separate and made a moment of introducing us, which was funny. He didn’t look terrifying or anything. I saw a lot of crazy-looking people outside."

Peter: "He reminded me of a good friend of mine, so the conversation flowed and I felt like I was just catching up with somebody I hadn’t seen in a while. He was enjoyable to talk to. It felt effortless…but not romantic."
Caskey: "He was cute, but not my type. I like a taller, lanky guy. We started talking from the second we sat down, and it was very comfortable and not awkward at all. I didn’t feel romantic chemistry, but I would hang out with him as a friend again."

On being driven
Peter: "How much he loves what he does for a living was really endearing. I find it really difficult with people who aren’t passionate about anything. I don’t care if you’re passionate about oil paintings or butterflies, but I need to know you’re excited about something in your life."
Caskey: "It peaked my interest that he’s moving forward in his career and doing pretty well . That attracts me to people socially and romantically. I think I’m sort of a go-getter so I'm drawn to people who are also trudging forward and making something out of it."

Peter: "The table next to us spilled chicken, which was funny."
Caskey: "They tried to pack some of their leftovers in a box, and a chicken breast went flying through the air and hit the floor. I screamed 'chicken down!' and the ladies seemed to love it."

Peter: "He likes cocktails, so I took him to a couple of speakeasies. It was a Sunday night and I’d just gotten paid, so why not? We exchanged contact info, hugged and parted ways."
Caskey: "After our second bar, he walked me to the train and there was a hug. Even if I thought it could go somewhere, I don’t know if I’d schlep to Brooklyn for a boyfriend."

In three words
Peter: Caskey is "lively, happy and attentive."
Caskey: Peter is "funny, approachable and casual."

Peter: "I had two bad dates this week, so this was a breath of fresh air. We’ve texted a little, but I think there was 
a mutual understanding that this is not going to be romantic."
Caskey: "It was a fun date. I really don’t date at all, so it was a good experience. It made me a little less afraid to go out on dates in the future because it went well, so I don't need to be as terrified going forward."

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