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Meet the Undateables: Ryan and Yasmin

Will Gleason

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The date: Dinner and Drinks at Mesa Coyoacán (372 Graham Ave, 718-782-8171)

First impression
Ryan: “She was cute. I was a little nervous—I think she was, too—but we started hitting it off right there. When we started talking, we clicked. I felt very comfortable at that point.”
Yasmin: “He was handsome and nice. He seemed nervous like I was, but laid-back. In online dating you know a little about someone—this was a true blind date. We chitchatted a lot.”

Ryan: “Things felt friendly with her. I think we were pretty natural. It just felt like I was talking to a cool person, though I was worried she was more educated than me.”
Yasmin: “He was really interesting and funny. We couldn’t decide what to order, so he closed his eyes and ran his hand down the menu. We ordered what he landed on.”

Ryan: “The night was almost over and I was like, ‘Why not try another place?’ We had one more drink, but she couldn’t stay out late because she had to work.”
Yasmin: “We got a drink at a bar up the block. We took the train together and were like, Maybe we should exchange numbers. He texted me when he got home.” 

Awkward Moment
Ryan: “In my brain, I made the moment of [saying goodbye] more than it should have been. Like, do I shake her hand? I patted her on the shoulder. That was my awkward goodbye.”
Yasmin: “It was a Mexican restaurant, so he was asking me about the menu. At one point he was like, ‘What’s sopa?’ And I was like, ‘Soup!’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’m an idiot.’ ” 

In three words
Ryan: Yasmin is "awesome, smart and cool."
Yasmin: Ryan is "funny, handsome and goofy."

Ryan: “I didn’t really get a romantic sense, but I’ll get to know her a bit better and see what she’s about. I think I’ll make an effort. I’ll have to think about it.”
Yasmin: “It was easy to hang out with him. He’s awesome. On first dates I’m never head over heels, but if we see each other again, I’d be happy. If not, I’ll live.”

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