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Meet the Undateables: Seth and Shadi

By Dana Varinsky

The date: Cocktails and hookah at Haven Rooftop (132 W 47th St, 212-466-9000)

First impression
Seth: “He’s not my typical type, which was refreshing, because it can be boring to date the same person over and over. I found him friendly and easy to talk to.” 
Shadi: “He seemed a little bit nervous, but it didn’t take long to get comfortable. He was polite and well-spoken. He had handsome features for sure.”

Seth: “We had really good chemistry. I appreciated being able to talk about social-justice issues and LGBT equality. I was impressed by how smart he was.”
Shadi: “We got into gay politics and had really great dialogue about current events, which was refreshing. There was absolutely social chemistry—romantically, not too much.”

Seth: “He suggested going to a different bar, 
so we had a few more drinks there, and then I walked him to the train. I got his number and sent him a text.” 
Shadi: “I gave him my number and was like, ‘I 
would definitely be down to hang out again.’ He texted me shortly thereafter and recommended a couple of podcasts.”

Awkward Moment
Seth: “I showed up a little late and didn’t have time to get cash, so he had to pay our tip. 
He was very sweet about it, and I bought 
our drinks afterward.”
Shadi: “He’s really into Top 40, so we had this Taylor Swift versus Lana Del Rey face-off. I like Lana Del Rey, and he does not, and I feel indifferent about Taylor Swift.”

In three words
Seth: Shadi is "smart, funny and tatted."
Shadi: Seth is "engaged, comfortable and insightful.”

Seth: “It’s an exciting possibility. It was great to be talking to such a smart person. I told people at work about him and I definitely hope to see him again.”
Shadi: “He was very sweet and polite. I would definitely be open to spending more time with him. I just don’t know if there was a romantic connection.”

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