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Meet the Undateables: Victoria and Muhammad

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner and drinks at Vapiano (113 University Pl at 13th St, 212-777-9477)

First impression
Victoria: “Nothing about him really stood out in a bad or good 
way. He was really shy at first, but after a while, the conversation started flowing. It was fine after that.” 
Muhammad: “I had just come from a work event, so I was still in that zone. But she appeared very excited and was laughing 
a lot, so that got me engaged in the moment.” 

Victoria: “We had very similar backgrounds growing up, so that was refreshing. We had a lot to talk about, but it felt more like chatting with a new friend or an acquaintance in a social way—nothing particularly romantic. He also mentioned that he likes tall girls. I’m not a really tall person—I’m only 5’3” so I felt like maybe he was telling me he wasn’t interested.”
Muhammad: “We talked about how we mustered the courage to go on a blind date. At one point, we were talking about why we’re both still single and she was suggesting ways to meet girls. I was kind of thinking, 'but I'm in the middle of a date with you!'. But as it progressed, I started to feel a chemistry. There were no awkward silences, even though we are totally different.”

On finding the one
Victoria:“He was quite vocal about finding that one person to be with. He said things will work out if you put your heart into it. But to me its more the other way around—if you feel a deep connection then it will work out. It shouldn’t be that you have to put that much hard work into it.”
Muhammad: “I’m not sure if we have the same outlook for our relationships. When I'm already busy, it’s not really worth investing in someone who won’t work out in the long run. So I'm more picky about finding people who have the same priorities as me.”

Victoria: “The date was at 7:30, and I wasn’t back home until 11:30. When we walked out, we talked a bit more, and 
I headed to the train. He got my number, and that was it.” 
Muhammad: “We exchanged phone numbers and then ended up hugging twice, because we were at one corner of the 
street and she wanted to walk to the other corner.”

In three words
Victoria: Muhammad is "well-traveled, smart and cultured."
Muhammad: Victoria is “jolly, modest and unpretentious.”

Victoria:“If he contacts me, I would respond, but it was kind of tame. He seems a bit more serious in what he’s looking for. I couldn’t feel a deep connection.”
Muhammad: “I’m looking for a long-term connection. I’m not sure our relationship goals are congruent. If it weren’t for that, I might consider calling her. I’m still not sure.”

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