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Mind-blowingly good hummus is now being served in Chelsea Market

Written by
Marcia Gagliardi

There’s hummus, (you know, the cold and mass-produced kind you buy at the grocery store with something like roasted red peppers mixed in it that you dip your baby carrots in), and then there’s the magic, creamy stuff you can now get from the brand-new, eagerly-anticipated Dizengoff NYC in Chelsea Market, open today.

Philadelphia chefs Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook have just opened the first New York location of their beloved hummuseria, named after the iconic street in Tel Aviv. Their original Philadelphia location opened in 2014. Emily Seaman will be running the NYC show. 

On the menu: their freshly made hummus with seasonal toppings (all $10–$12)—which you’ll scoop up with their thick pita baked on the hearth—plus chopped salad and Israeli pickles on the side.

Right now, they offer hummus with braised lamb neck, black lime, and rhubarb, or how about hummus with roasted romanesco, pine nuts and golden raisins? (Both are unique to NYC.) You can go simple with hummus tehina, or hummus with avocado and peanut harissa, and then there’s the sure-to-be-Instagrammed-to-death hummus with soft-boiled egg, sumac potato chips and burnt tomato sauce. 

Photograph: Courtesy Wicked Good Media

You can order some Israeli-style salatim, like Moroccan carrots cooked with saffron and topped with pistachio or raw kohlrabi marinated in schug (Yemenite chile sauce)—both of these dishes are also unique to New York. (We are SO special.)

Also special: if you come by in the morning, shakshuka will be served daily for breakfast (10am–11:30am). It’s only offered on Sundays at Dizengoff Philadelphia, so feel that special glow even more.

New York’s location features Israeli wines by the glass, local craft beer on tap and lemonnana (Israeli-style frozen mint lemonade) spiked with bourbon. Hubba.

The red counter has 18 seats, and standing-only tables are also available to Market diners. Fortunately, there’s to-go as well: Hummus and salatim are available for take-out by the pint for $9, and pita is available by the half-dozen for $6 or one dozen for $12.

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