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Most expensive train station in the world will open downtown in March

Most expensive train station in the world will open downtown in March
Courtesy: Port Authority

After years of delays and a cost overrun of $2 billion, the gleaming white Santiago Calatrava designed World Trade Center Transportation Hub is finally slated to open the first week of March.

The rib-like structure that’s meant to resemble “a bird in flight” will eventually connect 10 subway lines and the PATH when it opens, and will eventually house an Apple Store, Eataly and H&M. It will also be used as an event space for things like fashion shows and tastings.

The station will be the most expensive one in the world when it is completed, but is expected to only serve about 200,000 riders a day (Penn Station serves 600,000.) The project was initially scheduled to be finished by 2009.

h/t Politico New York



Chris K

This is by far not the most expensive train station in the world ... Look up S21 in Germany (Stuttgart Main Station) which will cost about 6-8 billion USD once finished maybe even much more ...  

Lucas E

Grand Central and Times Square subway stations would also need about a billion dollars each to get fixed. It's so funny that the train stations to other states, such as Grand Central Station, Penn Station and now this new station Downtown look so nice, but underneath them lie sad-looking local subway stations. By the way, this new station is a Path Train Station to and from New Jersey, it's not a subway station, it is connected to some (also sad-looking) subway stations.

Pismo D

Classic sign of the liberal times in America. Theft and greed at its peak

Null S

@Pismo D What an ignorant comment. As if conservatives such as Bush and Cheney did not engage in large amounts of graft and corruption. EG: Halliburton, Iraq war. 

It simply costs a lot to build anything in a large metro area. More so if it is a civic project. But then you don't see anything like this in the red states. How is the transportation system in Texas?

nldekker .

@Null S @Pismo D Good Lord.  Bush, again?  Your boy has been in the White House for seven years- own up to his failures, already.  And speaking of failures, New York, like every single big city in the US, is a failure because its citizens are liberal Democrats as are their politicians.

Jerry. T

Looking forward to this. It is a literal uplift from 9-11 monument. Unfortunately they clipped one of its wings. 


Select any two first impressions:

a.)  Always great to see PANYNJ tolls get directed to Mass Transit improvements...

b.)  We need light and space downtown, but it looks like Jiminy Cricket's view inside the whale....

c.)  A monument to PA graft, kickbacks and over-charges, writ large and 6 years late...

d.)  Uplifting!  I hope this bad boy has some decent bathrooms and retail space!

Matthew C

@Robert L good question! There was a #1 WTC stop exactly where Calatrava's hub is now and R & E trains right across Church, so those three at least. Likely will in include 1,2,3, A,C,E,R,4,5 that's 9. Can't think of what #10 would be.