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MTA to start testing spacious new open subway cars

In a few years, you may never have to be stuck in the same subway car as your ex again.

As part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s 2015-2019 capital plan, the MTA will reportedly be testing “open gangway prototype” cars that are, as Time Out New York Editor Carla Sosenko helpfully points out, “basically Snowpiercer.”

The interconnected cars—that may or may not be able to survive a climate-related apocalypse—can already be found in cities like Berlin and Toronto. The current plan calls for an order of 10 prototypes at the cost of $52.4 million allocated for 2016. So a 2am jog through an empty train may be closer than you think! But don't drunkenly lace up your sneakers yet. The lines that will receive them have yet to be decided.

Second Avenue Sagas notes that the spacious, airy design can result in a substantial 8-10% more space within a train. You can see some examples of open gangway cars below.



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Maybe some handles to hang on to in the center as well?


This will do wonders for the "It's showtime!" guys.

Molly S

No objection to these cars, but objection to the TA using 50+ million dollars on new cars for existing transit.  That money should be used to A - Finish the 2nd Ave subway B - Get more buses on the street (I've waited over 20 minutes for a bus on major avenues such at 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th)  C - Improve and extend the subway on the west side. having one stop at 34th and 11th is great for those going to Javits Ctr, but with the millions of people living west of 8th ave, and more building in the works, there needs to be a subway there.

Let's put 50+ million dollars to better use!

Amanda T

oh joy, now the various foul smells of the subway can freely waft from one car to the next, no longer contained to make just one train car totally uninhabitable.