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New MTA buses get lit with free wi-fi and charging ports

Written by
Jillian Anthony

New Yorkers can't live without the internetz, and we need to charge our phone at basically all times—and the government is listening. Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that we'll all be riding dirty on public transportation in a fleet of high-tech buses rolling out over the next five years. More than 2,000 new state-of-the-art buses will have free wi-fi and USB charging ports, so you can be tethered to your machines at all times. Digital information screens for riders will also be installed on some buses this year as well, making it easier to figure out transfers, upcoming stops and even the weather (if you don't care to look outside). Existing buses will get the upgrades too!

Cuomo told reporters, "These are not gonna be your father's buses," according to Gothamist, which gives us really high hopes for the future. "It has a European flair to it. I think it has almost a Ferrari-like look. Aerodynamic. Well done," Cuomo continued. Totally.

The new tech buses will replace 40% of the fleet on the streets now and cost $1.3 billion. 75 of the new and improved buses will be riding around Queens by the end of the year, with buses in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan to follow through 2018. They'll all be on the road in all five boroughs by 2020. Thanks MTA!


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