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New York has the most-congested street in the entire country

Written by
Jennifer Picht

The world leaders in transportation analytics dropped a new study revealing 11 U.S. cities out of the top 25 cities worldwide are spearheading the charts with the worst traffic congestion. The most bumper-to-bumper traffic in the country is always a rivalry between LA and NYC, but without error, New York is the owner of the most thronged road in America. Inrix—the global company that tracks road traffic—scored The Cross Bronx Expressway as the worst street for road congestion. NYC ranks third out of 1,024 cities surveyed with the worst driving conditions overall. 

The study reveals that NYC drivers spend at minimum a total of 86-hours on the road, which is much less than LA’s 104-hours, but enough to make the strip a total nightmare, specifically between 6A and exit 2. However, the expressway is not left standing alone. Parts of Fifth avenue from 120th and 40th Streets also make the unfortunate cut. The entrance to the Lincoln tunnel on New Jersey’s 495 from the I-95 junction to Twelfth Avenue was also ranked for its heavy congestion.

According to Inrix, “A stable U.S. economy, continued urbanization of major cities, and factors such as employment growth and low gas prices have all contributed to increased traffic in 2016.”  

h/t NY Curbed 

— Written by Jonathan Cotto 

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