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New York is about to get its first Sonic Drive-In

Written by
Tolly Wright

Sure, public transportation and bikes are environmentally conscious, quick, inexpensive and convenient, but some hot days we all just want to sit in an air conditioned car scarfing down greasy burgers surrounded by the best friends anyone could ask for: three super thick milkshakes. Unfortunately, our general lack of horizontal space has meant national fast food treasure Sonic Drive-In was never able to set up shop in the city. That is, until now. 

A new Sonic is opening at 148 Page Ave, Staten Island either in late-July or early-August. For those of you unfamiliar with Richmond County geography, that's on the side of the island not facing Manhattan, AKA an epic journey of Lord of the Ring's-proportions away from the ferry. That's okay though, you're a grown adult, so like a grown person you can rent a car for the sole purposes of purchasing a Banana Cream Pie shake, with a side of Cheesecake Shake. 

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