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New York is even more obsessed with rosé than you thought

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

It’s safe to say that New Yorkers are lushes: with around 3,000 watering holes scattered throughout the five boroughs, a cool draught or an icy highball is never out of reach. Plus, with all the stress and headache that living in this city entails, it’s no surprise that we need a drink every now and again (or, uh, after every single soul-crushing evening commute). We city dwellers love our booze. Where we really go to town, though—at least in comparison to other US cities—is on some rosé.

According to new data compiled for Time Out New York by, an online supplier of independently produced bottles, the Big Apple is nutso for the pink stuff. Compared to NakedWines’ customers from around the country, New Yorkers order a whopping 74 percent more rosé. The website’s data also shows that we’re an adventurous lot, purchasing about 20 percent more exotic wines than the average NakedWines consumer. And when it comes to whites, we gravitate towards rich, oaky Chardonnays; perhaps, at heart, we wish we were in California, where such bottles tend to reach their fullest expression. 

But you know what? At least for today, we can all pretend we’re Californians—the high, on this, the sixth of November, was a whopping 71 degrees, motherfuckers. It’s still the perfect temperature for our favorite pink slosh, so why not embrace our reputation? On your way home tonight, pick up an extra bottle of rosé and celebrate New York City's impressive title.

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