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New York's ugliest luxury condo tower is the third-tallest building in the US

New York's ugliest luxury condo tower is the third-tallest building in the US
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/apardavila

The supertall skyscraper 432 Park Avenue is not only the largest structure in the world inspired by a trash can. It's also the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western hemisphere (and the third-tallest building in the US after One World Trade and Willis Tower.)

That's one of the interesting take-aways from a new CityRealty report that looks at the conspicuous addition to the NYC skyline now that the first sales have been recorded. Also of interest? Even though only 13 of the building's meager 141 apartments have now hit public record, just those units have managed to bring in a total of $170 million in sales.

The average price of a unit in the Billionaire's Row building is $21 million, which may sound like a lot. But consider that it comes with one of the ultimate NYC amenities: not being able to see 432 Park Avenue from your apartment.

See more figures on the building below.

Infographic Courtesy: CityRealty



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Mary M

After 911, I would not want to live in a building that high, nor that expensive. It just seems arrogant.

Kyle C

They failed to mention that around 70% of the condos are in contract. The term apartment is usually a rental btw Timeout.

Michael B

It may be relatively small, but Lhaus 11-02 49th Ave in Hunters Point by Cetra Ruddy detracts from the already awful streetscape around the Queens entrance to the Midtown Tunnel.

Victoria O

This is the best 150 or so words of copy on the Internet this week. Love so much! It's an abomination. I'm on the lower Upper East Side and it has destroyed the skyline from Hoboken too. I hope the people behind it develop chronic sciatica and shingles: my standard prayer/curse inspired by Howard Stern. 

I will follow Pulos on Twitter simply on the strength of this witty one-two punch. Whenever I go to LA, where I spend four months a year, I come back and I experience trauma of seeing it for the first time. I'm not anti-growth or anti-development. But this is an abomination. It's terribly sad. If they had just made it 25% shorter it would still be ugly ("inspired by a trash can" in Pulos' words), but it would not be as egregious. 

jerome m

Ugliest apartment building in NYC?  Sorry, but your selection doesn't hold a candle to 170 Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan.  This architect's conceit is almost beyond comprehension.