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Now you can see New York City from One World Trade, the tallest building in the U.S.

Now you can see New York City from One World Trade, the tallest building in the U.S.
Photograph: Courtesy One World Observatory

New Yorkers, we clearly live in the best place. Our signature skyline is unparalleled in awesomeness, as proven by any number of Instagram photos we so proudly take on a daily basis. That's why One World Observatory at World Trade Center, to open May 29, is such great news! Starting the last Friday of May, experience panoramic views of NYC on levels 100, 101 and 102 from atop the tallest building in the United States, 1250 feet above the ground.  

Located on the western hemisphere of World Trade Center, the new spot lets you arrive at your destination Jetsons-style via the Sky Pod elevators—some of the fastest in the world. Those lead to a two-minute video presentation on the 102nd floor which basically exists to remind you how wonderful New York is with an assortment of gorgeous city images. On the 100th floor, or City Pulse, you can see HD videos featuring notable NYC landmarks and neighborhoods. And those of you that have no issue with heights may be drawn toward the Sky Portal, where a14–foot wide circular disc gives you a view of real-time, high-definition footage of the streets below you. Can you say epic? 

This new landmark isn't just a pretty view—the new observatory includes interactive exhibits, a sit-down restaurant and other dining options for those interested in being above it all. Literally. Be one of the first to snag your tickets online, starting tomorrow at 10am, to avoid the tourist crowd. We expect this to be a pretty, pretty, pretty popular location, to say the least. 

Admission for adults ages 13–64 $32, children 6–12 $26, seniors 65 and up $30. Guests 5 and under free, though must have ticket to enter. 


Photograph Courtesy: One World Observatory








Stan C

Looking out from that space, from that height, from the Freedom Tower Observatory, what will they be really be observing? Will they look beyond, will they look inward?

These selfie-snapping tourists will be looking out at - indeed, from their lofty space they will be right next to - the ghosts and spirits and essences, the lingering screams, of those poor people who died at the adjacent Windows on the World Restaurant. They will be horizontally right across the way - mere feet away - from where those workers and guests perished, busboys and businessmen alike, innocents at that ill-fated early morning Windows on the World breakfast, not a single one who escaped, 1000 feet up, at the very top of the World Trade Center, trapped, no way out, no way up, no way down, the sheer prolonged hour-long anguish and agony of how they died...

All this will no doubt haunt and infuse the vicinity, the site, the atmosphere. All this will shriek and scream in the howling winds and tear-filled rains, all this will scar the ghostly clouds and float in the gloom of enveloping fog, all this will stain every blood red Jersey sunset, all this will remind us of the pulverized dust of their remains, forever filling the very air itself....

In respect, in their memory, to maintain our own dignity, please - let's not make this Observatory into a tourist mini-Disneyland.
This is forever not only a graveyard,
but a gruesome murder scene that can’t be erased or forgotten.

Gemer M

Sad to charge children and seniors.

You are a sick society.