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NYC, city stereotyped as full of jerks, is voted 2nd friendliest city in the country

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Jillian Anthony

New York may be the city where Dustin Hoffman hit a cab and screamed "I'm walkin' here!", Giuliani went on a vicious rant against ferrets and Donald Trump fired everyone in sight, but deep down, we're just some really nice, sweet folk. At least that's what 6,000 members of travel deal website Travelzoo thought when they voted NYC the 2nd-friendliest city in the U.S

That's right, only Honolulu, Hawaii beat us out on the friendly scale. New Orleans came in third and Boston fifth, while perhaps more stereotypically friendly cities San Francisco and Seattle came in seventh and tenth, respectively. New York was also voted the 4th-friendliest state! Since New Yorkers are also born and bred winners, we'd like to say, "SUCK IT, other cities and states! Talkin' to you, Orlando!"

I, like most of you, am an NYC transplant. I came from California with a mind full of stereotypes about New York—that it was filthy, people were always screaming at each other and nobody would be willing to stop for five seconds to help my find my way if I was lost. I quickly discovered that sure, it's pretty filthy and sometimes we yell at each other, but everyone is exceedingly kind and helpful, whether you're a fellow New Yorker or a hopeless tourist.

I can't count the number of times someone has seen a confused look on my face and asked if I was lost, or given me a Metrocard swipe because I'd forgotten my wallet and was late to work, or helped me carry something heavy. I, in turn, have rescued about a dozen phones and wallets and returned them to their rightful owners, petty cash still safe inside, and saved several purses from being left behind on the subway. The other night, an intoxicated guy was falling asleep standing up (seriously) and I gently nudged him away from the end of the subway platform he was precariously close to. It's what I do, because I'm a New Yorker! We're out here saving lives, smiling and making friends! SPREAD THE GOSPEL!

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