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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/denial_land

NYC is the second-most-rat-infested city

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

At least we’re not living in the No. 1 rat-infested city, I guess?

Pest-control company Orkin released a study of the places that had the most pest-control treatments in the past year, and to no one’s surprise, NYC was near the top of the list with a record 29,314 complaints in the past year.  

The only city ranking about NYC was Chicago, and it was followed by Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles in third and fourth, respectively. See the other cities rounding out the 10 rattiest cities below.

A study earlier this year showed that the NYC neighborhood with the highest increase of rat complaints in the past five years was Chinatown, so if you’re determined to stay in NYC (we are), at least avoid the places with the most rats.

1. Chicago

2. New York

3. Washington, D.C.

4. Los Angeles

5. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

6. Baltimore

7. Philadelphia

8. Minneapolis-St. Paul

9. Detroit

10. Denver


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