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NYC's 9 best hangover breakfast sandwiches

Lauren Rothman

No other city on earth offers such a tempting variety of hangover-curing (or at least relieving) foods that beckon you from your bed with the promise of their cure-all combination of salt, fat and carbs. A shining beacon on the sea of your self-made misery.

Of all of the possible hangover Rx's, the breakfast sandwich is our favorite: after all, we're going to need all that bread to sop up the heady mixture of booze still sloshing around in our stomachs. So come 9am (or, um, 1pm) on the first, keep these craveable, curative sammies in mind (and on speed dial.)

Bacon, avocado, egg and cheese bagel at Black Seed Bagels 

Since its spring 2014 opening, this Nolita spot has been jammed with bagel-worshipers. At brunchtime, we like to go for the #11: two eggs baked in the bagels' wood-fired oven, plus cheddar, avocado and tomato, all served on your choice of the shop's signature chewy, crisp-crusted rounds. Yes, please. 

Breakfast sandwich from Court Street Grocers


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This always-packed Carroll Gardens general store and sandwich counter serves up an impressive array of meaty, complex 'wiches, but the menu's surprisingly satisfying underdog is its simply named Breakfast Sandwich. A soft Balthazar Bakery ciabatta roll is split, toasted and stuffed with soft scrambled eggs, cheddar and raw arugula, whose peppery bite cuts through the sandwich's richness.

Mac 'n' cheese pancake sandwich at Shopsin's


A photo posted by Dario Ciccioni (@drummerdario) on

Kenny Shopsin, the wacky cook and owner behind this diner counter in the Essex Street Market, is deservedly (in)famous for his seemingly acid trip-inspired menu mashups. Particularly attractive the day after some serious imbibing, this genius Frankenstein takes two of Kenny's mac 'n' cheese pancakes and stuffs them with a variety of indulgent fillings, from BBQ pork to pastrami hash to the peppers, onions and potato sticks shown here. 

Chicken and egg biscuit at Birds & Bubbles


A photo posted by Birds & Bubbles (@birdsandbubbles) on

We can get behind a place whose menu is focused around fried chicken and sparkling wine. When we're hungover, we (usually) forego the bubbly, but we do reach for this impressive tower of a buttery oversized biscuit gently enveloping fried chicken that's lashed with deviled egg sauce and scattered with briny dill pickles.

Steak and egg sandwich at Egg Shop


A photo posted by Egg Shop (@eggshopnyc) on

For the red meat cravings that hangovers tend to unleash, we turn to this Egg Shop bad boy: grass-fed tenderloin layered into a soft French hero, then slathered with caramelized onion aioli and chimichurri, plus pickled jalapenos, and, of course, a sunnyside up egg.

Chicken, bacon, egg and cheese at Jacob's Pickles


A photo posted by Jacob's Pickles (@jacobspickles) on

Jacob's is an Upper West Side favorite for brunch, when its rich, flaky biscuits come stuffed with a kitchen sink of tasty fillings. We're partial to this which-came-first combo of buttermilk fried chicken, fried farm eggs and Vermont cheddar. 

Ship's biscuit at Saltie


A photo posted by thebrooklynbite (@thebrooklynbite) on

The tiny Williamsburg sandwich shop is famous for its brinier, more robust options, but in the morning we love this simple creation of soft-scrambled eggs and creamy ricotta atop Saltie's unparalleled focaccia. 

Hippie banjo at Pies 'n' Thighs

Sure, the fried-fowl specialist's signature bird is tempting whether you're hungover or not, but for a gentler start to the day we like this hippied-out assemblage of thick-cut anadama bread, fried eggs, melty cheddar, tomato, sprouts and a schmear of mayo.

BBLT at Murray's Cheese


A photo posted by marian zmbrno (@marian.jpg) on

Leave it to the venerated cheese shop to class up a morning BLT: their version adds soft, creamy burrata cheese and basil pesto, all served up on blue Ribbon Bakery white or wheat.


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