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NYC’s bridges will soon be outfitted with festive, choreographed lights

NYC’s bridges will soon be outfitted with festive, choreographed lights
Rendering: Courtesy Governor Cuomo's Office

The city’s bridges are about to get some extra razzle dazzle.

Seven bridges operated by the MTA will soon be covered in blinking, color-changing lights that may just give the skyline a run for its money. The new lights are expected to save money in the long wrong since LED lighting is cheaper. Governor Cuomo discussed the sparkly new addition to the cityscape at a press conference earlier this week.

“We’re illuminating all the bridges in New York City with different-colored lights, and the bridges can then be coordinated and choreographed to music,” said Cuomo. “So literally, you’ll have bridges all across the New York City area that are choreographed. Nothing like this have been done on the planet... Imagine New York Harbor, with all those bridges, and all of it choreographed.”

Soon, every road into Manhattan will be a Rainbow Road.

UPDATE: We reached out to The New York Power Authority, the lead organization for the installation of the LED lights, for more details on the timetable for the project. Paul DeMichele, NYPA's head of Media Relations, got back to us with the following: "Construction is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2018. They'll all be commissioned simultaneously at the end."




Cousin V

Sounds neat, but I really wish someone had proofread this article.

"in the long wrong "?

Tom G

Saves money, attracts tourists to New York and USA. Celebrates musician's work. 

Mama_Kath C

Talk about lipstick on a pig. Money would be much better spent on actually repairing and upgrading infrastructure. Bridges, road beds and rails are deteriorated and pretty lights aren't going to fix that. 

Tony S

Get ready fro $25 tolls each way. After all, its no long er a river crossing its an event and you need a ticket to ride.

John C. H

And when will the tolls and subway fares be going up to pay for this

Mary F

Happier if the emphasis was on energy savings or safety.  Some say these LEDs will save electricity.  Who knows?

dbkoob n

What a waste of money. And yet the MTA is broke. How are we going to pay for this. By of course governor lets raise taxes lets raise fares. But that,s a liberal for yah

Waingro P

corny and gay, gtfo of here. 

Miriam A

Light pollution? Do we really need this?  What's next, fountains coming out of the East River? Why not let Vegas stay in Vegas...

Dave F

This is the biggest WASTE of money! Millions will be spent on this garbage instead of Bridge maintenance and other areas that are much more important. I am very familiar with the engineering and maintenance of the New York Bridges as I have climbed and photographed all of them, Legally!  

Wendy W

o no just another reason to raise the cost of cover the upkeep etc.  

Ali C

Brilliant! This should've been done long time ago.