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Plan an intergalactic trip today…for free

Plan an intergalactic trip today…for free
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist C M Handler

Hey, sometimes we just wanna float into space and throw our cares away…Oh wait, you can! Starting today, the Intergalactic Travel Bureau is inviting you to plan your very own trip to another planet for the cost of O (get it– O for oxygen, O for zero…science!). It’s free, people. For zero dollars you can plan a trip to party on the great red spot on Jupiter, explore the deep seas on Europa, sail the solar winds, and embark on a bunch of other nerdy-wonderful adventures.

Cool your jets though, folks. As awesome as this is, you aren’t actually going to travel to another planet as a result. The “bureau” is made of professional actors that will give you the exciting experience of planning an intergalactic expedition, without the added time, money and danger (danger!) that goes with traveling outside of Earth. However, these virtual expeditions are created by real astronomers, along with professional event planners who make each voyage seem like it could actually exist. So really, sounds less scary than the real thing, anyway.

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau launched in 2011 as a Kickstarter campaign to promote space science education, and has been planning bizzarro interplanetary travels ever since. Head to Chashama (on the corner of 37th Street and 8th Avenue) for the adventure of a lifetime…you don’t even have to leave the five boroughs.The bureau is open from 11am–8pm  today through Saturday.

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