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Post-holiday conversations we're all having today instead of doing work

Written by
Carla Sosenko

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving break, you guys! (And happy Cyber Monday, that most American of national holidays.) How's your day going so far? If you're anything like us, you're having some trouble concentrating. For one thing, you want to catch up with your co-workers and find out how their Turkey Day was. But you're also still kind of riding high on all those good family vibes and trying to surreptitiously do some online shopping while your boss isn't looking. Plus, it's only 26 days from Christmas (and 7 days until Hanukkah), and how can you be expected to focus on work?!?

Today is perhaps the most procrastinatey day of the year, and we here at Time Out New York have found new and amazing ways to avoid actually being productive. Today alone so far, we have discussed the following completely unrelated, completely stream-of-consciousy topics:

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. Because duh, it's a great movie, and oh my god, how amazing were all those uniforms she designed? And she was only a teenager! (Bonus: "I'm right on top of that, Rose," is a terrific line to use when your boss catches you online shopping. Just sub in your boss' name for "Rose," or else it'll be a dead giveaway.)

All the stuff our relatives said at Thanksgiving that was kind of dumb. (NO OFFENSE, AUNT RUTH!!!) 

Man buns. We tested some out, and we're still talking about them. Let's discuss this, guys. Would you ever wear a man bun? Would you wear a fake man bun? Do you think we can pull them off? (Don't answer that.)

Everything we ate and how we a) regret it but also b) want to eat more of it and is it us or are you actually WAY hungrier today than usual? Is it possible our stomachs have expanded beyond repair? (We're going to order something from this list right now, actually.)

The gay ear. Do you remember when that was a thing? You wore your earring on one side if you were gay and on the other if you weren't? Is this still a thing? If it's not, should we bring it back but make it more encompassing of all sexual orientations? 

Whether we should buy this really practical dress. IT'S ON SALE! (Oh damn it, it's sold out.)

What are you guys talking about #InsteadOfWork? Tweet us and let us know (so that we have more topics to add to our list of things to talk about instead of work).

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