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Read New Yorkers' steamiest real-life sex stories

Written by
Tim Lowery

When we asked you all to tell us your craziest sex stories, boy oh boy did you deliver, offering more than 400 tales of doing it in the city. Here are our absolute favorites.

“My boyfriend and I had sex in a subway station on the platform. Every time a train would pass, he would have to pull out. We ended up starting and stopping almost every five minutes. Luckily, I was wearing a skirt.”—Nan, 32, Middle Village, Queens

“I made a girl stop giving me head in an Uber because I was afraid it would hurt my Uber score.”—Eric, 41, Upper East Side

“I met this guy online, and one night we went to his apartment on the Upper East Side. We quickly moved inside and started having sex in probably all possible Kama Sutra positions. When he got up to get some water, he all of a sudden said, ‘Oh, damn, I forgot to shut the blinds!’ The dinner crowd in the other building was watching us and applauded and gave me a thumbs up.”—Christina, 28, Jackson Heights, Queens

“Did it on top of an FDNY truck with an NYPD cop.”—Rebbie, 42, Forest Hills, Queens 

“My boyfriend went down on me while the window was open. People on the street below could hear me scream. His place is on the fourth floor.” —Caitlin, 31, Park Slope

“I met a girl at a club. Twenty minutes later we were having sex in a park close to the club; a homeless guy came up to us and started to masturbate, so we ran away.”—Morgan, 22, Upper East Side

“While making out in the shower, he took a step back and vomited—partly on my face and mostly on the wall behind me.”—Kate, 22, Lenox Hill

“At Splash, I saw one of the bar’s performers on my birthday. So I started talking to him. Long story short, I gave him a BJ in the bathroom, and as we were coming out, a drag queen walked past and said, ‘Oooh, it looks like someone got a birthday blowie!’ ”—Corey, 39, Sunnyside, Queens 

“One evening I brought a date to the roof to hang out, and we had eaten some edibles, so we were feeling good and loose. When he noticed the girl across the street [and her companion], he started whistling loudly. The couple noticed us and started to egg us on. So we started giving them what they wanted. The more theatrical we got, the bigger the show they put on. She made her date go down on her, and so my date did the same to me. Then we both gave BJs. All four of us would just mimic the others’ actions. When it was done, we all laughed from afar.”—Sara, 29, Williamsburg

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