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Robicelli's intentionally jumps the 'viral food' shark

By Ned Hepburn

Robicelli's Bakery has been described as "off the chain" and "(sounds of eager hyperventilating)" by several Time Out New York employees, who, upon mere mention on the establishment, began writhing on the ground in sheer ecstasy. 

The bakery recently issued a press release deriding the current state of "shock" cuisine. You know the type. Bacon everythings. Cronuts. Wafflesomethings. The kind of food items that hold over the headlines for a few days before the next big culinary clusterfuck comes forth.

Well…Robicelli's is just sick and tired of stunts like that. So they decided to one up the one-uppers... by making their very own stunt food items. 


That’s right foodies, and the significant others who grudgingly get dragged along with them! We are dedicating every weekend this summer to getting even MORE intense. There will be no “wow, this cake is really delicious exactly how it is!” Oh HELL no! Why settle for just plain ol’cake, when we can hybridize it with a whole bunch of things. Maybe with make the cake with duck fat, stuff it inside a doughnut, deep fry the f*** out of it, then coat it in some sort of bacon Sriracha and locally-foraged mango glaze, or some equally intense stuff. Then you put it online with the caption “WANT OMFG (drool) (dead)”. 

This is what we in the industry call “whimsy”. And we want you all to whimsy so hard that your junk falls off. 

This Saturday we being with our first bombastic creation: vafflecake. We’re making Norwegian waffles, spreading them with a sour cream custard, stacking them into a pile, covering it with burnt sugar, and then serving it by the slice with a spot of preserves. 

How much of this are we making? Not nearly enough to satiate off of New York city’s carnal waffle desires. We invite you to come down if you’re in the area, grab a slice, and Instagram it outside.

The press release itself is glorious, and can be seen in its entirety here

The stunt must be working. Repeated phone calls to the bakery prompted a busy telephone line. So…what could their next big creation be? Sriracha infused Honey-Buns with whispers of foie-gras? 


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