See a map of all the countries that could fit inside New York

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Rebecca Fontana

We’ve already compared New York to other countries, and now we’re comparing other countries to New York! (Yes, there’s a difference.) Self Storage made a map of countries that could fit inside New York, and it turns out we can fit all the awesomeness of the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg into one single state. (Just keep in mind that it’s more expensive to live in Brooklyn than in a whole slew of other U.S. cities, and in castles.)

New York is the 27th largest U.S. state by area, covering 54,554 square miles. If it were a country, though, it would be the 95th largest, kicking Greece out of that spot. There are about 105 nations smaller than New York, so it would be considered medium sized (or grande, if you’re at Starbucks).

Even though Brexit was, you know, not the best idea, now we’re imagining what the world would look like if New York seceded and became its own country….

If New York were a storage unit

Via New York

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