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See the Game of Thrones sidewalk memorial in Williamsburg (spoiler)

By Sophie Harris

Being a Game of Thrones fan ain't easy, you know. Over the course of the show's five seasons, we've had our emotions manipulated every which way—the feelings equivalent of a twenty-hour reflexology session—so by the time we hit the finale on Sunday, we were already in a vulnerable place (and hysterically excited, of course). Thus, the horror of GoT hero Jon Snow being brutally murdered—the show's most shocking moment to date—has been extremely hard for us to deal with. Well, one bright spark in the 'Burg has taken it upon himself to help us through the stages of grief for Jon Snow by setting up a memorial by the Bedford Ave L train stop. Its placards read, "You know everything Jon Snow" and "What is dead may never die but rises again, harder and stronger." There's even a chewy dog bone for Jon's Dire Wolf, Ghost. No, really, that's just something in our eye.

Go pay your respects, leave a piece of dragon glass, pronounce Jon's name as it sounds in the North ("Jon Snerrrrrrr, Ned Stark's bass-tard!") and do whatever you need to do. We'll be over here hatching how-Jon-will-come-back-to-life theories, eating ice-cream and muttering quietly to ourselves.

h/t Gothamist


The ONLY character I loved on the show gets himself killed. #GoT #GameofThrones #JonSnow #WhoIsGonnaWatchGhostNow

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