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Seven times Louie nailed what it’s like to live in New York

Will Gleason

Along with Broad City and Girls, Louie CK’s FX comedy Louie is one of the shows that repeatedly nails tons of aspects of NYC. From subway anxiety to street noise, the comedian has managed to give a hilarious look at what it’s like to live in New York today. Before the excellent comedy returns tonight for a fifth season, we looked back at the best moment from past seasons when Louie managed to capture far-too-real aspects of living in the city.

1. Sometimes it feels like those street noises are actually coming from inside your apartment.


2. Going to a coffee shop in a hip neighborhood can be intimidating. And a little disorienting.


3. Sometimes the subway feels a lot more stressful than it has to be.


4. Public schools are a real third rail conversation topic.


5. Dating in New York is hard. Especially in your late ‘30s.


6. Going to the doctor (if you can find one) always sucks.


7. You’re never going to win going up against that pot-smoking neighbor making your building reek. (So might as well join them.)


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