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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/MTA

Shuttle busses won’t help much if the L train is shut down for years

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Back when the MTA confirmed that the L train miiiiiight not run between Manhattan and Brooklyn for three years or so (NBD), one of the alternative forms of transportation proposed was a fleet of shuttle busses connecting Brooklyn L stops to Manhattan. That might not be such a great fix.

The blog at CartoDB crunched numbers from the American Community Survey, LODES and the United States Census and found that if the proposed shuttle bus departed from the Lorimer Stop and took 20 minutes to get to Manhattan, it would only be the best choice for commuters living off of five stops. The rest of the commuters to Manhattan who rely on the L would be better off transferring to the A or M trains.

Even worse, 75,000 L train riders live off of those five stops. Transporting that many people would take 1,154 bus trips a day, which would probably require a new bridge. And if the shuttle bus to Manhattan took more than 28 minutes, every single commuter living off the L would be better off backtracking to the M or A trains.

So… How are those gondolas coming along?

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