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Six conversations to have on a coffee date in New York

Written by
Anne Hollister Berkowitz

So you're going on a coffee date with someone you haven't seen in a while. Congratulations! With busy schedules, social anxiety, crazy commutes and poor texting habits, this is not an easy thing to do in New York. Here are some things you can talk about the next time you go out so that this rare opportunity does not go to waste.

Mutual friends
This is a great topic if you're meeting up with a friend from college. It gives you the chance to look cool for knowing some gossip or the chance to learn some more. If the mutual friend you're talking about isn't doing so great, the subject can allow you to bond over even the most mediocre of personal successes. Beware though of talking about friends who are doing "better" than you, as this can easily lead to feelings of existential despair.

What's great about bringing up Beyoncé is that everyone knows who she is (unlike, say, William H. Macy who I once talked about with someone for 10 minutes before realizing they thought we were discussing William Shatner). If you both love her, great! This conversation can then go in so many beautiful directions. If one of you is not too keen on Queen B, a harmless and possibly fun argument will likely follow. It is very rare that two people who don't like Beyoncé cross paths.

"Would you ever work as a barista?"
This is a good question to ask if there's a lull in the conversation and you look around and see a barista. It is a gateway to bigger topics like why you are stuck in your current job, people you have dated who have worked in the coffee shop industry, and what exactly a horchata is. This topic can also help you get more personal, as reasons you would or would not make a good barista are signs of deep-seated personality traits.

Necklaces, rings and other accessories
While this topic may seem like a boring one, trust me: it's not! You have no idea where the other person got their stuff, whether that be a weird aunt, a former bestie or a lucky find on some beach. Even if their arrow necklace is from some cheap chain store, you can express which one you think is the best.

What you're currently watching on television
Whether you're keeping up with the Kardashians or finally getting around to binge watching The Wire, nothing brings friends together more than an "I've got to add that to my list."  

NYC vs. LA
This argument never gets old. It also often takes up a lot of time, so use this topic grab a few more minutes in this adventure before you return to being busy and alone.

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