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Social Soup Experiment this saturday on the High Line

Written by
Jenny Singer

As Ben Franklin and his kite remind us, great experiments combine persistence and (slight) insanity. Not to be outdone by history, the 4th Annual Social Soup Experiment this Saturday at The High Line is set to prove yet again that hundreds of strangers eating soup together on an abandoned train platform is a good idea.

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Hypothesis: Hot soup served out of a single bowl in a rustic outdoor setting will melt cold hearts and turn hangry New Yorkers into friends. For the fourth year in a row a local celebrity chef will serve soup to hundreds of strangers, seated at a communal table on the High Line at 14th street. 

Just $7 and will get you a space at the table and a bowl of Chef Marco Canora's signature robillita, a tuscan vegetable soup. Make conversation at one of the two mealtimes (11:30am and 2pm) with your fellow culinary scientists over soup dished up by Canora, the owner of Hearth and Terroir restaurants and chef behind NYC Food Flood, which provided immediate food relief after Sandy. Entrees at Hearth run up to $118, so the tuscan soup, made with locally sourced vegetables, served with a generous hunk of bread, is a steal. Participate in this great experiment by purchasing tickets online ahead of time, or risk hearing the most devastating sentence in the culinary world: "No soup for you."

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