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Stupid things other cities and states call their residents

Written by
Andrew Frisicano

As New Yorkers, we have it pretty sweet when it comes to demonyms. Demo-wha?!? Why, a demonym is the term used to identify people from a particular place. New Yorker, Manhattanite, Brooklynite, Bronxite, Queensite, Staten Islander, etc. pretty straightforward. But other places don't have it so good. Here are the weirdest locale-specific nicknames we've come across.

  • Buffalonian
  • Salemander (Salem, MA)
  • Albanian (Albany,  NY)
  • Arkansawyer
  • Minneapolitan
  • Michigander
  • Nashvillian
  • Moose Javians (Moose Jaw, Canada, is a place)
  • Connecticuter
  • Massachusettsan (say this five times fast)
  • Wisconsinner
  • Delawarean
  • Utahn
  • Haligonian (Halifax, Canada)
  • Mancunian (Manchester, England)
  • Liverpudlian (Liverpool, England)
  • Glaswegian (Glasgow, Scotland)

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