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Surprise! It’s probably going to snow on Sunday

Surprise! It’s probably going to snow on Sunday
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Young Sok Yun

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like the weather in New York has been especially cruel this year. Instead of a winter wonderland, we got a solid beach day on Christmas. Instead of a few inches of snow, we got hit with more than two feet during the January blizzard. And now, after weeks of glorious spring weather, it’s going to snow. On the first day of spring.

Snow right now:

AccuWeather meteorologists are tracking a spring snowstorm that’s heading towards the NYC area and is expected to arrive on Sunday morning and last through Monday morning. Their current predictions have snow accumulation at a 5 percent chance of a light dusting or miss, 20 percent chance of 3-6 inches, 45 percent chance of 3-6 inches and a 30 percent chance of over 6 inches.

Here’s what the National Weather Service is predicting:

Hope you didn’t put those winter coats in storage yet. 

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Kate P

Please don't snow we are on our way next Saturday