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Survey shows New Yorkers really, really hate their apartments

Written by
Time Out New York editors

Living in New York might be a “delightful” slog, but renting here is nothing short of dreadful. Whether it’s rummaging through an endless stream of half-baked Craigslist ads, dealing with slimy brokers or haggling with a landlord for the umpteenth time about a leaky faucet, leasing an apartment in Gotham is a struggle. 

The low morale among renters in New York isn’t just hearsay—it’s an empirical fact backed by data, and new study from Abodo proves as much. The apartment-hunting service analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey Public Use Files relating to housing quality, neighborhood features and rent prices to determine where the most (and least) satisfied renters in the country reside. 

Their conclusion? Renters in New York completely sucks. The city ranked 22nd out of 25 metropolitan areas studied in terms of renter satisfaction, with the cost of rent and regular encounters with rats being the two primary drivers of the crummy–ness. 

New York did, though, rank ahead of Los Angeles on the renter satisfaction scale. So tell that to all of your friends who split town for the West Coast.

Bottoming out the list was Cleveland in 24th place (of course) and Memphis at 25th. But hey, nobody spends very much time in their own apartment in New York, right? 

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