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Ten things we got wrong over 1,000 issues

By Dana Varinsky

This week, we published our 1,000th issue, and took a walk down memory lane with our 50 best and worst covers. And in looking back, of course, we discovered that some of our opinions and predictions had missed the mark (hey, not everything's going to be spot-on after 1,000 magazines). Here are our ten worst:

1996: In a future-themed issue, we predicted that a 42nd St trolley was the most viable scheme for Times Square. The proposal was soon dropped due to funding shortages and disapproval from Bloomberg. Just kidding, guys!

1999: In a review of some new television show called The Sopranos, we called it an “offbeat program” and "not-so-subtle psycho-schmaltz." Forgive us, Tony.

2002: We declared Manhattan to be the new Brooklyn. News flash: It's not. At all. Whoops. 

2002: This new band called the Yeah Yeah Yeahs got a very skeptical review, before their first album came out. Obviously we came around—We featured Karen O and Julian Casablancas in September 2014. 

2003: We called Segways trailblazers. In a full two-page feature story, titled "Upright citizens brigade". Enough said.

2007: We proclaimed that hipsters "must be buried for cool to be reborn". How, you ask? Simple: it'll happen when "those born after 1990 move to town, frighten the zombies away, destabilize the real-estate market and restore something unsavory to what used to be called hip". Not exactly how things went down... 

2009: A cover featuring Tina Fey fell through, and was later parodied on the May 7 episode of 30 Rock. At least we were the butt of a joke on a funny show, though, right?

2010: We put out a whole 3-D issue. It could only be read using blue-and-red glasses. Sorry, guys.

2012: We crowned "Empire State of Mind" the best NYC song ever. One unhappy reader replied, "I love you, but No. 1 let me down." Fair enough.


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