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Photograph: Melissa Sinclair

The 11 types of subway pole grips you'll encounter on the train

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

By Time Out contributors, edited by Will Pulos

Spend some time on the New York subway and you'll definitely encounter a handful of these types of pole grips from your fellow commuters.

1. The grope (a.k.a. the jerk)
When you use your boyfriend or girlfriend as a pole just because you want to show off to everyone that you have someone to cuddle and don’t need no stinkin’ pole. 

2. The door-leaner
This daredevil always seems to show up when the train is going unusually fast, triggering all sorts of Final Destination fantasies.

3. The slider 
Hey, Clammy Hands. Quit sliding your hands all over the pole, I don’t appreciate you touching me with those sweaty paws

4. The germaphobe
Puts a napkin/handy-wipe between their hand and the pole. C’mon, really?

5. The no-hands
We support your new squat regimen at the gym, but we will still laugh at you when you go crashing into a stranger. 

6. The clingy girlfriend
Arm around the pole as if it’s your date.

7. The reach-around
Going for the worst possible pole to hold onto (often involving snaking your arm through hoards of heads) while there’s a much better option available.

8. The multitasker
Somehow holding a coffee, a bag and the pole all in one hand.

9. The clenched
Both your butt cheeks are wrapped around that pole for dear life.

Photograph: reddit/DunieMunny

10. The all-in
You’re either terrified and holding on for dear life, or you just can’t be bothered about all of the diseases you might catch.

11. The pincher
You’re willing to touch that center pole but only with two fingers (that you can promptly clean with the travel Purell in your bag).

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