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The 14 worst relationship mistakes you can make on New Year's Eve

Written by
Carla Sosenko

New Year's Eve is a minefield for amateurs. Maybe you're that guy who ends up crying on a street corner. Maybe you're the gal who pregames so hard you're puking out the back window of a cab at 9:45. One thing's for sure: NYE can be tough for everyone, but perhaps the hardest for those in relationships (or trying to be). Here's what to try to avoid come Dec. 31. Give yourself a point for every one you manage to sidestep. (We're not counting, but points are fun, right?)

Proposing. We get it, New Year's Eve can be magical, but DO NOT DO THIS. 

Kissing your significant other's friend "accidentally" because they "look so much alike." (Nice try, but nobody believes you.)

Ditto that for "accidentally" kissing your S.O.'s mom or dad. 

Losing your date. (Give yourself two points if you lose them at an intimate apartment party, because that, my friend, means your date is in a bedroom with someone else. Sorry.)

Throwing up on your date. 

Making New Year's Eve your first date with somebody off Tinder.

Revealing your resolution to become "more independent/free spirited."

Texting your ex at midnight instead of paying attention to your date. 

Suggesting your date make exercise their resolution.

Giving your S.O. a peck on the cheek when the clock strikes 12 and everyone else is sucking major face. Even if you're not feeling it, pretend, will ya?

Getting too drunk and fighting/crying all night. PLEASE JUST DON’T.

Breaking up with someone before midnight just so you can kiss someone else. (At the very least do it an hour before so they can go find someone else to smooch, too.)

Missing a midnight kiss with your S.O. because you’re too busy dancing with your dumb friends. 

Instagramming loads of selfies and food porn but forgetting to upload even one shot with your date. Oops.  

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