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The Adventure[s] crew talks about their final all-Robyn dance party (it's next week)

By Kristen Zwicker

We hate to be the bearer of bad tidings—especially since we're still having night terrors after finding out that Williamsburg music venue Glasslands will close at the end of the year—but the sad truth is that the Robyn-themed dance party, This Party Is Killing You: A Night of All Robyn Everything, which takes place at Glasslands, will not be continuing in a new venue. Instead, wacky-theme-party-loving crew ADVENTURE[s], comprising Russ Marshalek (a.k.a. a place both wonderful and strange), Chris Choyce (DJ Choyce Hacks!) and Marley Magaziner (Cherry Magdalene), will bid adieu to its poptastic event after the final party on Friday, November 28. And then we will all truly be left dancing on our own. But before saying goodbye, Marshalek, Choyce and Magaziner took some time to share a few thoughts on their beloved shindig.

Russ: My former bandmate Sophie and I started the Robyn party when we were together as Silent Drape Runners. It was actually a joke email suggestion from Duncan Rich, who was booking Public Assembly back then. It really, really quickly became something that was way, way bigger than itself. The very first one, at Public Assembly in the back room, had people wrapped around the block. That should've told us something. We filled both rooms of the Bell House. We tried to cram it into the front room of the Bell House and someone tried to punch a cop and broke a window instead, scaring off Lena Dunham. It's been like Ocean's Eleven: Every time we say we aren't going to do another, because it's gotten to the point where our friends don't even try to come because they won't get in, we end up doing another. And another. Because it's fun.

This time is different though, yeah? As in, we won't have a Glasslands to go back to. This is a really special party to all of us, and me especially. We get approached often by various bars and clubs to do a Robyn party there, and it's not that simple. If it was just about hitting play on Body Talk, I don't think we'd have cultivated this as we have. It's a vibe. There are very, very specific songs we will and won't play. It's almost like a Nerd Camp dance in a way, only sexier. Glasslands became our home for this. The crowd knows us, the crowd knows the staff, we've created a safe space to dance and drink and let go, and that's not something you can just pop up for one night. Trust me, Sophie and I tried touring the Robyn party and it's not that simple. It takes time, and love, to build that vibe, and with Glasslands closing, we've looked out over the current options in New York and can't see anything right now that's right for us and for this. We've shared a lot of love and sweat and vibes with a lot of people, and we're really, really lucky to get to do this one last time at Glasslands. It sucks, because this is effectively killing a party focusing on primarily playing talented female artists. Like, F-you Action Bronson, Taylor Swift is 100 percent better than you are. Actually, I'm deejaying a Taylor Swift after-party in Atlanta next year, maybe that'll be a Robyn party. Who knows?

Chris: For me, the first party is always going to stand out. While it was hosted by Russ's former band Silent Drape Runners, all of ADVENTURE[s] got involved and it really kicked us as a collective into high gear. It was packed in a matter of minutes, stayed packed all night, and the energy and vibe was great as nobody had any idea what to expect.

The success of the first couple ultimately paved the way for our Glasslands residency, giving us the perfect home for it (and all our other crazy parties), and ensured each Robyn party was its own unique experience. Sometimes it's all Robyn songs all night, sometimes it's a full-on four-to-the-floor dance party and sometimes pop music reigns supreme. The one consistent thing is the crowd, who's always there from start to finish and can never seem to get enough.

I was talking to a friend of a friend recently who'd been to all of the Robyn parties, and I was blown away by how much affection and memories he had tied to all of them. In fact, he was the one who started the rumor that it was Lena Dunham who actually punched the window out during one of the Bell House nights, which we actually believed for a hot second.

R: Wait, that wasn't Lena Dunham?

Marley: Lena Dunham was not actually at any parties, guys. I'm sorry. Great rumor, though.

What amazes me about the Robyn party is the consistent excitement and love for Robyn and music. This is a participatory crowd. No one's standing around trying to be seen or be cool. Everyone is there to have fun and dance and drink and climb onstage and laugh with friends. I've never attended, much less thrown, a party that makes so many people happy. It's bittersweet to end it, or at least put it on hold until we find the right space. We really found our home as ADVENTURE[s] at Glasslands, and we're sad to see the space close, but thrilled to be able to throw one last Robyn party there.

As for memories, I've called it the queerest not-officially-queer dance party and I stand by that. We always have people of all genders dancing together and cheering each other on and making out and leaving together. We don't even know how many hookups we've inspired. That makes me really happy. Our pre-Pride party this past June was fantastic and reminded me why I love Brooklyn. I know everyone's jaded about Williamsburg and pretentious hipsters, but I'm going to miss the no-fucks-given-let's-just-have-fun attitude that Robyn party peeps brought out. This isn't a grind-up-on-each other party, it's a safe space for dancing on your own and with anyone else. Fact: Everyone loves Robyn.

And about that broken window: We were throwing a party at the Bell House, and honestly, we were all a little low-energy, womp-wompy that night, waiting for the crowd to arrive, thinking it would be a chill night, and we were wrong. The crowd was fantastic and brought so much energy, and I took a sweet photo with two guys who were in love with my glitter jumpsuit. At some point in the night, we were at capacity and there was someone outside who was so disappointed that he couldn't get in, he took a swing at the bouncer, missed, and broke a window. We sadly had to shut down the party because people were too hopped-up on Swedish pop music to let the venue cover up the window and clean up the glass. But what a story!

When this party first started, we had no idea it would succeed as a single night, much less as a recurring event. I remember hearing about lines around the block as we were prepping for the first one, and I didn't really understand that people were actually there to hear ADVENTURE[s] and our guest DJs play. "They know Robyn isn't actually here, right?" (Once in a while folks do think Robyn will be there, so we make it super clear that we're just honoring her with our parties. One day I'm hoping Robyn just shows up to party with us and we can take a badass blond-women selfie together.)

I'm skipping my traditional Thanksgiving weekend at home with my parents to throw this party with DJ Russ and DJ Choyce Hacks!. Zero regrets. I'm going to cry along to "Call Your Girlfriend" several times during the night. I can't wait. The glitter jumpsuit rides again!


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