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The craziest places you didn’t know you could get pierced

Written by
Jennifer Picht

Brace yourself—things are about to get weird.

Judging by our quintessential all-black wardrobe, leather jacket obsession and addiction to tattoos, New Yorkers are a bunch of badasses. And now that septum piercings are making an appearance at Fashion Week, it’s clear that lodging a hoop between your nostrils is no longer considered a taboo—it’s a goddamned fashion statement. But where do we draw the line? From offbeat but on-trend piercings to some that are slightly more ghastly, here are the craziest body parts you can get pierced. Feeling inspired? There’s a body piercing shop in NYC that can help.

And FYI: We found butt, nipple and genitalia piercings, but we decided to refrain from showing you those. You're welcome. 

1. The smiley

“I love braces on girls. A mouth full of metal is adorable,” gushes renowned piercer J. Colby Smith. And that’s why the skin beneath the top of your lip is the New York Adorned artist’s favorite spot to puncture. The subtle ring swoops down ever so slightly in front of your incisors. So why you should you get it? Well, it’s not super noticeable but still pushes the boundaries—just like a, er, cute gold tooth? Note: Smith’s aesthetic is all about dainty and fashionable piercings and since he’s been chosen as one of StyleCaster’s most stylish New Yorkers, we feel inclined to trust him on this one. 


A photo posted by J. Colby Smith (@jcolbysmith) on

Not crazy enough for you? You could try getting one of these piercings somewhere else...

2. The bridge of your nose


A photo posted by Anni (@__cherryann__) on

3. The web between your pointer finger and thumb


A photo posted by Alex Russell 🌸 (@alexrussell._) on

4. Chin

5. Finger


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6. The web beneath your tongue

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