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The dating app challenge: JSwipe

By Carla Sosenko

In this week’s issue, we’ve rounded up new, alternative ways to date in the city, from literary speed dating to conversing with paper bags over our heads. It's tough to date in this city, and it would be cruel to send you out to flirt without first making ourselves the guinea pigs, so six single Time Out New York staffers signed up for new apps and tried to make love (or at least like) happen. Each day this week, we’re bringing you our experiences. First up: JSwipe

JSwipe is exactly like Tinder—except that it’s (mostly) for Jews, and when you match with someone, you get a “mazel tov” and an image of a person getting tossed up in a chair (as you would at the Jewish wedding THAT IT FEELS LIKE YOU'LL NEVER HAVE). I will say, the dudes on this site are cute. And most went to good schools, so your Jewish mother will be happy. But in the end, it’s got the same problem that all the other apps these days do: None of it amounts to terribly much. I don’t blame JSwipe so much as I blame our waning attention spans and self-fulfilling bouts of loneliness: Do we want to meet people, or do we just want someone to talk to for a little while as we’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep (and then forget them in the morning)? I made fewer matches than I have on Tinder (I think despite being Jewish, I’m not the typical Jewish girl—whatever that admitted generalization means—and not really what most male members of the tribe are looking for. I’m a little too much for them, and they’re a little too little for me). But the conversation quality was a bit better, more involved than Tinder, and I even have a date lined up for next week. Cross your fingers it goes well (poo, poo, poo/toi toi toi).   


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