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The dos and don'ts for wearing glitter on New Year's Eve

Written by
Jennifer Picht

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Ladies, this might just be the most important post you read today. It's New Year's Eve—a day for looking back on the year, toasting your accomplishments with bubbly and slugging shots of whiskey to numb the painful, slightly more shameful memories of 2015. Cheers to that!

But it's also the only day out of the year where it's considered chic to douse your bod in glitter, cover your face in sparkles and look like a disco ball. So if you believe the only thing that should be sparkling tonight is your wine—guess again! Okay: We'll admit there's definitely some danger in going overboard on flashy sparkles and confetti. So use our handy-dandy dos and don'ts list to determine the proper glitter ratio for the evening.

DO: Wear a sparkly dress. Tonight, sequins look mad chic—not tacky.


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DON'T: Wear glittery pasties. (Nip slips be damned).


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DO: Take photos in front of a sparkly backdrop. No matter how your night is going, this image will give your Instagram followers the impression that you're having the time of your life. Glitter is power.

DON'T: Make it rain glitter. Eyes that sparkle = good. Sparkles in your eyes = OUCH.

DO: Wear glitter on your nails. 'Tis the season, y’all.

DON'T: Glitter your brows. Sure, it looks cool (until it's time to wash your face and you end up rubbing so hard those tiny, impossible-to-grow hairs fall out in clumps). Yep, they'll go from #Fleek to #Bleak.

DO: Eat sparkly foods (especially desserts). This is a no-brainer, folks.


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DON'T: Glitter your roots. WHY?!

DO: Wear sparkly eyeliner. It's subtle, flashy and will make your face shine without looking like you just made out with a pixie.


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