The five best drinking apps in NYC

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Dan Q Dao

Getting drunk in New York isn't nearly as easy as it should be. What with all the waiting in line, surly doormen and bank-busting price tags, it's a wonder we're not all sober by default. Luckily, technology is on our side with hundreds of boozy mobile apps zeroing in on the best deals for going out and bringing alcohol straight to you at record speeds. From a handy happy hour finder to booze delivered on-demand to your door, these are the five best drinking apps in New York. Cheers! 

HoochCough up ten bucks a month and get a free drink coupon sent to your phone every single day (read: thirty drinks for the price of one). The deal is good at any of the 30 or more partner venues, which currently include spots like Hotel Chantelle and Los Feliz

MinibarThe sleek, navigable interface of this app and website make on-demand booze delivery easier than ever. Order from a huge selection (over 80,000 live products) of wine, beer or liquor and have it brought right to your door in less than an hour, with no delivery charge. 

DrizlyLike Minibar, Drizly brings the alcohol to your apartment. We've seen shorter delivery times here, and the site claims a rate of 20 to 40 minutes. You can also send booze to a friend as a gift. The only catch is that it doesn't operate 24/7. 

Happy: Let's face it: the standard 5-7pm doesn't work for everyone (who still gets off at 5pm?). Get happy hour at any hour with this completely free app that pairs sober people with bars ready to serve them cheap drinks. When you download the app, search through a list of over 150 partner bars offering deals at that time. Once you've found your match, start the timer and flash your phone screen to your bartender to enjoy 60 minutes of booze-soaked bliss. 

Bar Roulette: This one's for the adventurous boozer. While it's not saving you any money, this free app connects directly with Uber and Yelp to transport you to a mystery top-rated bar where you're sure to have a good night.    

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