The five most crazy expensive, over-the-top dishes in New York City

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Dan Q Dao

In a city with as many high-rollers as NYC (we're looking at you, Wall Street), there are bound to be edible indulgences with price tags stiff enough to keep out the 99% plebes. If you like your meals to feed your ego as well as your stomach, look no further. From an 23-karat gold-plated sundae to a lobster omelette barely visible beneath a mound of caviar, these five dishes double as swanky status symbols.

Douche burger at 666 burger

You might have to sell your soul to afford this aptly named $666 burger, but at least it'll make for a good Instagram. A gold-leaf–covered Kobe-beef patty is stuffed with foie gras and topped with Gruyere cheese, lobster meat, truffles and caviar. The sauce? A barbecue-style glaze infused with Indonesian Kopi Luwak coffee beans harvested from the excrement of the Asian palm civet. Uh, yum?


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12-inch luxury pizza at Nino's Bellissima Pizza

Luxurious Beluga and Black Russian Royal Sevruga caviars are used on this pricey seafood pie, which is ornately dressed with fresh Maine lobster, salmon rolls, chives and wasabi on a spread of rich crème fraîche. At $1000, this won't be a slice that you want to share. 


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Zillion dollar lobster frittata at Norma's

Need some frittata with your caviar? It's hard to tell which is the topping and which is the dish with this lavish, $1000 breakfast of champions. Ten ounces of American sturgeon caviar—accounting for $650 of the dish—crowns succulent whole lobster, cream and chives atop a pillow of omelette-style eggs. 


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Prized Wagyu at Old Homestead Steakhouse

Meat lovers can pony up a whopping $350 for twelve ounces of this primo cut, imported directly from Japan's Gunma farming prefecture. Wagyu is prepared using well-cared-for cows that are hand-massaged and fed rice and beer to yield a fattier, marbled meat. 

Golden Opulence Sundae at Serendipity 3 

Bank (and record) breaking bites aren't limited to the savory, as evidenced by this $1000 sundae that smashed a Guinness World Record in 2007. You'll have to plan ahead for a taste of the icy treat—48 hours notice is required to gather the grocery list's worth of ingredients: Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, 23-karat edible gold leaf, rare Chuao chocolate from Venezuela, Parisian candied fruits, gold-covered almonds, chocolate truffles, Grand Passion dessert caviar, fresh passion fruit and Armagnac.


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