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The glass cube outside Apple's flagship store is coming down

The glass cube outside Apple's flagship store is coming down
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Daniel Torres Bonatto

For years, the giant glass entrance to Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store has stood tall across from Central Park, like New York’s very own Louvre. Except instead of finding timeless works of art upon descending into its sunlit depths, you discovered overpriced headphones and a teeming mass of overeager employees in blue shirts.

Now, its days of corporate-branded majesty may be coming to an end (at least temporarily). If you’ve walked by 767 Fifth Ave plaza lately, you’ve definitely noticed there’s some heavy-duty construction going on. The New York Post now reports that the work being done to the store will include “full removal of [the] glass cubical structure at Apple store entrance.” In other words, she's a glass brick. And she's falling slowly.

The cube removal is said to be part of general renovations and expansion of the store, which will be increased from 32,000 square feet up to 77,000 square feet. Even if it's coming back eventually, you may want to swing by and pay some respects. We all know that when much-beloved cubes are “temporarily” removed in New York, it can be a while until they’re brought back.

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Gary Seven
Gary Seven

They finally got the memo about those in glass houses.