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The most horrifying Christmas gifts of 2015

Written by
Tolly Wright

Unless you were very, very good this year, chances are you didn’t get everything you wanted under the tree. While most bad presents can be forgotten with a shrug of the shoulders (and maybe a poorly concealed eye roll) there are some cringe-worthy gifts that you wouldn't have minded the Grinch stealing.

Here are some we're sure people couldn't wait to return.

At least he's honest: 


A photo posted by Pooneh Sabo (@1pooneh) on

Some moms really get it. 

Honestly, we're keeping this one in mind next time we don't want to spend more than $2 on someone: 


A photo posted by @laughsfor_abs on

Actually this $2 stress ball is the best gift: 


A photo posted by @teddy.tales on

Warning: Disturbing bedazzled gift below.


A photo posted by Laura Pauffley™ (@misspauffley) on


What monster would do this to wine?


A photo posted by Tiffany Helzer (@tiffanyhelzer) on



A photo posted by Jerrod Kingery (@jerrodkingery) on

At least this sock is self-aware enough to know what he is:


A photo posted by Jeremy Gutsche (@jeremygutsche) on

It's the thought that counts?

We assume this dude bought this for himself:


A photo posted by C.J. Louis (@cj_in_chicago) on

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